// //''Name:'' ToolbarCreation plugin\n// //''Author:'' Alan Hechts\n\n// //''Please note that I am posting this tiddler for demo purposes only. I haven't fully released the code as I'm awaiting some upcoming changes to ~TiddlyWiki.''\n\n// //''This tiddler demonstrates how you can add, remove & rearrange toolbar buttons using a macro approach. This tiddler (the one you are reading now) is the only "required" addition to ~TiddlyWiki 1.2.28 to allow a customizable toolbar.''\n\n// //''By replacing the createTiddlerToolbar function in the hard code and creating new macros that emulate each toolbar button, you can now add or rearrange both the editing and viewing toolbars. Folks, it's just a matter of time before you can have one toolbar set for editors and one for web viewers!''\n\n// //''To create your own toolbars (you can even try it live on this website), simply edit the two new tiddlers, called EditorToolbar and ViewerToolbar (no special tags are necessary for either of these tiddlers). Then use the following macro references to add buttons in the order that you desire:''\n\n// //''Viewing toolbar:'' <<toolbarClose>>\n// //''Editing Toolbar:'' <<toolbarDone>> <<toolbarCancel>> <<toolbarDuplicate>> <<toolbarDelete>> \n// //''Note: these buttons will not work properly from within tiddlers, they will only work when displayed in the toolbar area.''\n\n// // ''Code Section''\n\n// //''Macro Declarations'' (some repeated from the original code)\nconfig.macros.toolbarClose = {};\nconfig.macros.toolbarEdit = {};\nconfig.macros.toolbarPermalink = {};\nconfig.macros.toolbarReferences = {};\nconfig.macros.toolbarDone = {};\nconfig.macros.toolbarCancel = {};\nconfig.macros.toolbarDelete = {};\n\n// //''Steve's additions''\nconfig.macros.toolbarEncrypt = {};\nconfig.macros.toolbarDecrypt = {};\nconfig.macros.toolbarEditDecrypt = {};\n\n\n// //''Corresponding Macro functions''\nconfig.macros.toolbarClose.handler = function(place)\n{\n lingo = config.views.wikified;\n createTiddlyButton(place,lingo.toolbarClose.text,lingo.toolbarClose.tooltip,onClickToolbarClose,null,null,"toolbarClose");\n}\n\nconfig.macros.toolbarEdit.handler = function(place,macroName,params)\n{\n lingo = config.views.wikified;\n createTiddlyButton(place,lingo.toolbarEdit.text,lingo.toolbarEdit.tooltip,onClickToolbarEdit);\n}\n\nconfig.macros.toolbarPermalink.handler = function(place,macroName,params)\n{\n lingo = config.views.wikified;\n createTiddlyButton(place,lingo.toolbarPermalink.text,lingo.toolbarPermalink.tooltip,onClickToolbarPermaLink);\n}\n\nconfig.macros.toolbarReferences.handler = function(place,macroName,params)\n{\n lingo = config.views.wikified;\n createTiddlyButton(place,lingo.toolbarReferences.text,lingo.toolbarReferences.tooltip,onClickToolbarReferences);\n}\n\nconfig.macros.toolbarDone.handler = function(place,macroName,params)\n{\n lingo = config.views.editor;\n createTiddlyButton(place,lingo.toolbarDone.text,lingo.toolbarDone.tooltip,onClickToolbarSave);\n}\n\nconfig.macros.toolbarCancel.handler = function(place,macroName,params)\n{\n lingo = config.views.editor;\n createTiddlyButton(place,lingo.toolbarCancel.text,lingo.toolbarCancel.tooltip,onClickToolbarUndo);\n}\n\nconfig.macros.toolbarDelete.handler = function(place,macroName,params)\n{\n lingo = config.views.editor;\n createTiddlyButton(place,lingo.toolbarDelete.text,lingo.toolbarDelete.tooltip,onClickToolbarDelete);\n}\n\n// //(These shouldn't be here, but IE fails if they aren't there must be some kind of ordering problem)\nfunction onClickToolbarEncrypt(e)\n{\n if (!e) var e = window.event;\n if(encryptKey == "")\n encryptChangePassword();\n var title =;\n var newBody = document.getElementById("editorBody" + title).value;\n newBody = encryptContents(newBody);\n document.getElementById("editorBody" + title).value = newBody;\n}\n\nfunction onClickToolbarEditDecrypt(e)\n{\n if (!e) var e = window.event;\n if(encryptKey == "")\n encryptChangePassword();\n var title =;\n var newBody = document.getElementById("editorBody" + title).value;\n newBody = decryptContents(newBody);\n document.getElementById("editorBody" + title).value = newBody;\n}\n\nfunction onClickToolbarDecrypt(e)\n{\n if (!e) var e = window.event;\n if(encryptKey == "")\n encryptChangePassword();\n\n var title =;\n var theBody = document.getElementById("body" + title);\n var theViewer = document.getElementById("viewer" + title);\n if(theViewer)\n theViewer.parentNode.removeChild(theViewer);\n var theViewer = createTiddlyElement(theBody,"div","viewer" + title,"viewer",null);\n\n var newText = store.getTiddlerText(title);\n newText = decryptContents(newText);\n wikify(newText,theViewer,false,false);\n}\n\nconfig.macros.toolbarEncrypt.handler = function(place,macroName,params)\n{\n lingo = config.views.editor;\n createTiddlyButton(place,lingo.toolbarEncrypt.text,lingo.toolbarEncrypt.tooltip,onClickToolbarEncrypt);\n}\n\nconfig.macros.toolbarEditDecrypt.handler = function(place,macroName,params)\n{\n lingo = config.views.editor;\n createTiddlyButton(place,lingo.toolbarDecrypt.text,lingo.toolbarDecrypt.tooltip,onClickToolbarEditDecrypt);\n}\n\nconfig.macros.toolbarDecrypt.handler = function(place,macroName,params)\n{\n lingo = config.views.wikified;\n createTiddlyButton(place,lingo.toolbarDecrypt.text,lingo.toolbarDecrypt.tooltip,onClickToolbarDecrypt);\n}\n\n// //''Replaced TW functions''\nwindow.createTiddlerToolbar = function createTiddlerToolbar(title,isEditor)\n{\n var theToolbar = document.getElementById("toolbar" + title);\n if(theToolbar)\n {\n removeChildren(theToolbar);\n if(isEditor)\n {\n // Editor toolbar\n wikify(store.getTiddlerText("EditorToolbar"),theToolbar,null,null);\n }\n else\n {\n // Viewer toolbar\n wikify(store.getTiddlerText("ViewerToolbar"),theToolbar,null,null);\n }\n }\n}\n\n// //''Shadowed tiddlers (in case they don't yet exist)''\nconfig.shadowTiddlers.ViewerToolbar = "<<toolbarClose>> <<toolbarEdit>> <<toolbarCollapse>> <<toolbarCloseOthers>> <<toolbarPermalink>> <<toolbarReferences>>";\nconfig.shadowTiddlers.EditorToolbar = "<<toolbarDone>> <<toolbarCancel>> <<toolbarSpellCheck>> <<toolbarDuplicate>> <<toolbarDelete>> <<toolbarEditHelp>>";\nconfig.shadowTiddlers.EditingHelp = "Click on each topic below to see formatting instructions and examples:\sn<<listTags formatting title *>>";\n\n// // Function to dynamically handle changes to the special toolbar tiddlers\nfunction refreshToolbars()\n{\n clearMessage();\n var place = document.getElementById("tiddlerDisplay");\n var tiddler = place.firstChild;\n var nextTiddler;\n while(tiddler)\n {\n nextTiddler = tiddler.nextSibling;\n if(\n if(,7) == "tiddler")\n {\n var title =;\n createTiddlerToolbar(title,false)\n }\n tiddler = nextTiddler;\n }\n}\n\n// // Additional notifications for toolbar layout changes\nstore.addNotification("ViewerToolbar",function(){refreshToolbars()});\nstore.addNotification("EditorToolbar",function(){refreshToolbars()});\n\n\n
Everett Guerny
*[[North Beach (Miami) Development Council]]\n*[[Premier Aircraft Sales]]
//(student work)//\n\nClient's Name: Rocket Fuel Malt Liquor \nWritten By: Everett Guerny \nLength: 60 seconds \n\n''ANNOUNCER'' What'cha got planned for tonight? Gonna watch the game? \n\nChill with the homies? Hit the club? Call up a lady friend... or two? \n\nWhatever you've got in store for tonight, make sure you ignite your \n\nplans with a little Rocket Fuel. (PAUSE) What? You ain't heard of Rocket \n\nFuel? Listen up, fool. Rocket Fuel isn't just another malt liquor, it's the \n\nonly one that'll make your taste buds say “dayyyum” (DAY um). How \n\ndo I know this? I've got one \n\n''SFX'' BOTTLE BEING PLACED ON TABLE \n\n''ANNOUNCER'' right here in front of me and check out that extra \n\nlarge bottle of rocket-y goodness. Dayyyum. That's 40 – you can \n\ncount 'em – 40 cool ounces of just what you need to make tonight \n\nsomething out of the ordinary, unless you like ordinary, because \n\nwhatever turns you on is fine by me. And trust me, Rocket Fuel \n\ngoes just as good with an ordinary night of chillin' at your crib as \n\nit does with a night of hijinx and merriment on the town. (PAUSE) \n\nRocket Fuel – it's the 40 that makes you say “dayyyum.” (PAUSE) \n\nPlease remember to enjoy Rocket Fuel responsibly.
// //[[Alan Watson|]]\n// //2 September 2005\n// //Standard TiddlyWiki implicitly links WikiWords. This plugin\nchanges that behaviour, causing WikiWords and WikiWordEscapes to be\ntreated as normal text. You can still make explicit links to tiddlers\nusing {{{[[}}} and {{{]]}}}.\n// //To use this plugin, copy this tiddler to your TiddlyWiki and tag\nit with systemConfig.\n// //The code really is a bit of a hack. It would be cleaner to add a\nboolean option and a tiny bit of logic to Tiddler.prototype.changed and\nwikifyLinks. Instead, we change the WikiWord regular expresssion to use\nreversed BOMs, which should not appear in well-formed text.\n{{{\nwikiNamePattern = "(\suFFFE)(\suFFFE)";\nsetupRegexp();\nfor (var t in store.tiddlers)\n store.tiddlers[t].changed();\n}}}
*[[Budweiser B-to-the-e]]\n*[[Rocket Fuel Malt Liquor]]
//Haiku// may be my favorite form of writing, period. Packing lots of feeling into a few short syllables is a challenge, one I regularly undertake simply for the love of writing.\n\nAnd then there's three-word haiku. There's only one explanation for a person who takes it upon themselves to write these. They are clearly insane.\n\nThat said, I've done a couple:\n\n''inebriated''\n''unsanctimoniously;''\n''diabolical''\n\nas well as\n\n''kleptomaniac''\n''unsatisfactorily''\n''rehabilitates''\n\nSeven syllable words are very hard to come by. When I write a third such haiku, you'll find it here.
//(student work)//\n\nClient's Name: B^e (read: “B to the E”)\nWritten By: Everett Guerny\nLength: 60 seconds\nTarget: 21-27 year olds\n\n''MUSIC'' RANDOM PARTY MUSIC IN BACKGROUND\n\n''STUDENT'' Aw, man. This party is positively crunk! I think I'll have a beer.\n\n''SFX'' KEG PUMPING, BEER POURING INTO PLASTIC CUP\n\n''MYSTERIOUS MAN'' Drop the beer, son.\n\n''SFX'' CUP HITTING FLOOR, LIQUID SPILLING\n\n''STUDENT'' Hey, wait. I'm... uh, twenty-one. I've got my ID... right here...\n\nsomewhere.\n\n''MYSTERIOUS MAN'' Save it, son. Don't you have an exam tomorrow?\n\n''STUDENT'' Naw. What're you talking about?\n\n''MYSTERIOUS MAN'' American Government? 8am... ring a bell?\n\n''STUDENT'' Oh... heh. Yeah. That one. I guess I was just gonna...\n\n''MYSTERIOUS MAN'' Just gonna what? Sleep through it? Right now, beer \n\nis not what you need. Here, try this.\n\n''STUDENT'' What is it?\n\n''MYSTERIOUS MAN'' Beer.\n\n''STUDENT'' (Stuttering) W...wait, didn't you just say...\n\n''MYSTERIOUS MAN'' (Sighs) Was your beer infused with ginseng?\n\n''STUDENT'' No.\n\n''MYSTERIOUS MAN'' Guarana?\n\n''STUDENT'' Um... no?\n\n''MYSTERIOUS MAN'' A sweet berry taste?\n\n''STUDENT'' No, man. It was beer.\n\n''MYSTERIOUS MAN'' And so is this. It's B-to-the-E, from Budweiser. And it's\n\ngot all three. Plus caffeine. Drink it responsibly, it looks like you've got an \n\nall-nighter ahead of you.\n\n''STUDENT'' But how'd you know about my exam?\n\n''MYSTERIOUS MAN'' Son, I'm your professor.\n\n''ANNOUNCER'' B-to-the-E. Beer, evolved. Only from Anheuser-Busch.
The shorthand Wiki-style formatting syntax of ~TiddlyWiki is very convenient and enables most content to be reasonably well presented. However, there are times when tried-and-true HTML formatting syntax allows more more precise control of the content display. The ~HTMLFormatting plugin allows you to ''embed standard HTML syntax in your content'' simply by, umm, well... //embedding them in your content// (duh!).\n\n''Usage:''\n<<<\nWhen a tiddler is about to be displayed, the ~HTMLFormatting plugin looks for tiddler content contained within ''<{{{html}}}>'' and ''<{{{/html}}}>'' HTML tags. This content (if any) is passed directly to the browser's internal "rendering engine" to process as ~HTML-formatted content. Once the HTML formatting has been processed, all the pieces of text occuring in between the HTML formatting are processed by the ~TiddlyWiki rendering engine, one piece at a time, so that normal wiki-style formatting can be applied to the text pieces.\n\nNote: content preceding the ''<{{{html}}}>'' tag or following the ''<{{{/html}}}>'' tag is always processed as normal wiki-style formatted content, without any additional HTML rendering.\n<<<\n''Line breaks:''\n<<<\nOne major difference between Wiki formatting and HTML formatting is how "line breaks" are processed. Wiki formatting treats all line breaks as literal content to be displayed //as-is//. However, because HTML normally ignores line breaks and actually processes them as simple "word separators" instead, many people who write HTML include extra line breaks in their documents, just to make the "source code" easier to read.\n\nEven though you can now use HTML tags within your tiddler content, the default treatment for line breaks still follows the Wiki-style rule (i.e., all new lines are displayed as-is). When adding HTML content to a tiddler (especially if you cut-and-paste it from another web page), you should take care to avoid adding extra line breaks to the text.\n\nIf removing all the extra line breaks from your HTML content would be a big hassle, you can quickly //override the default Wiki-style line break rule// so that the line breaks use the standard HTML rules instead. Placing a ''<{{{hide newlines}}}>'' tag within the tiddler's HTML content changes all line breaks to to spaces before rendering the content, so that the literal line breaks will be processed as simple word-breaks instead.\n\nNote: this does //not// alter the actual tiddler content that is stored in the document, just the manner in which it is displayed. Any line breaks contained in the tiddler will still be there when you edit its content. Also, to include a literal line break when the ''<{{{hide newlines}}}>'' tag is present, you will need to use a ''<{{{br}}}>'' or ''<{{{p}}}>'' HTML tag instead of simply typing a line break.\n<<<\n''Installation:''\n<<<\nimport (or copy/paste) the following tiddlers into your document:\n''HTMLFormattingPlugin'' (tagged with <<tag systemConfig>>)\n^^javascript for HTMLFormatting handling^^\n''HTMLFormattingHelp''\n^^end-user documentation for this plugin^^\n\n''Obsolete tiddlers:''\n//Note: ''The HTMLFormattingPanel and HTMLFormattingStyleSheet tiddlers included in previous releases are no longer required for this plugin to operate'', and can be safely deleted from your document once you have upgraded to the current plugin release.//\n<<<\n''Revision History:''\n<<<\n''2005.08.05 [1.1.0]''\nmoved HTML and CSS definitions into plugin code instead of using separate tiddlers\n''2005.07.26 [1.0.1]''\nRe-released as a plugin.\nAdded <{{{html}}}>...</{{{nohtml}}}> and <{{{hide newlines}}}> handling\n''2005.07.20 [1.0.0]''\nInitial Release (as code adaptation)\n<<<\n''Credits:''\n<<<\nThis feature was developed by EricShulman from [[ELS Design Studios|http:/]]\n<<<\n
<html><a href="samples/print/runforlife.gif"target="_blank"><img src="samples/print/images/runforlife.jpg" border="0" ></html><a href="samples/print/finishline.gif"target="_blank"><img src="samples/print/images/finishline.jpg" border="0" ></html>\n\n\n//(intern work)//\n\nI worked on these ads promoting a local benefit race, during my first internship. While I believe only one actually ran, I have no resevations about showing my other concepts. This assignment afforded me more freedom than any other, freedom that I feel helped create better finished products.
<html><a href="samples/direct/northbeach.jpg"target="_blank"><img src="samples/direct/images/northbeach.jpg" border="0" ></html>\n\n\n//(intern work)//
// //[[Alan Watson|]]\n// //2 September 2005\n\n// //Standard TiddlyWiki implicitly links WikiWords. This plugin\n// //changes that behaviour, causing WikiWords and WikiWordEscapes to be\n// //treated as normal text. You can still make explicit links to tiddlers\n// //using {{{[[}}} and {{{]]}}}.\n\n// //To use this plugin, copy this tiddler to your TiddlyWiki and tag\n// //it with systemConfig.\n\n// //The code really is a bit of a hack. It would be cleaner to add a\n// //boolean option and a tiny bit of logic to Tiddler.prototype.changed and\n// //wikifyLinks. Instead, we change the WikiWord regular expresssion to use\n// //reversed BOMs, which should not appear in well-formed text.\n\n{{{\nwikiNamePattern = "(\suFFFE)(\suFFFE)";\nsetupRegexp();\nfor (var t in store.tiddlers)\n store.tiddlers[t].changed();\n}}}
// Eric Shulman - ELS Design Studios\n// "Mixed HTML and wiki-style rendering" Plug-in for TiddlyWiki version 1.2.25 or above\nversion.extensions.HTMLFormatting = {major: 1, minor: 0, revision: 1, date: new Date(2005,7,26)};\nwindow.coreWikify=window.wikify;\nwindow.wikify = function(tiddlerText,theViewer,highlightText,highlightCaseSensitive)\n{\n var startHTML = tiddlerText.indexOf('<'+'html'+'>');\n var endHTML = tiddlerText.lastIndexOf('<'+'/html'+'>');\n if (startHTML==-1) // bypass HTML parsing\n { coreWikify(tiddlerText,theViewer,highlightText,highlightCaseSensitive); return; }\n if (startHTML>0) // wikify everything up to HTML tag\n coreWikify(tiddlerText.substr(0,startHTML-1),theViewer,highlightText,highlightCaseSensitive);\n if (startHTML!=-1) // browser parse everything between HTML and /HTML tags (or end of text)\n {\n var HTMLText = tiddlerText.substr(startHTML);\n if (endHTML!=-1) HTMLText = tiddlerText.substring(startHTML,endHTML+7);\n // suppress wiki-style literal handling of newlines\n if (HTMLText.indexOf('<hide linebreaks>')!=-1) HTMLText=HTMLText.replace(regexpNewLine,' ');\n // strip any carriage returns added by Internet Explorer's textarea edit field\n HTMLText=HTMLText.replace(regexpCarriageReturn,'');\n // encode newlines as \sn so Internet Explorer's HTML parser won't eat them\n HTMLText=HTMLText.replace(regexpNewLine,'\s\sn');\n // encode macro brackets (<< and >>) so HTML parser won't eat them\n HTMLText=HTMLText.replace(/<</g,'%macro(').replace(/>>/g,')%');\n // create a span to hold browser-parsed DOM objects\n var newSpan = createTiddlyElement(theViewer,"span",null,null,null);\n // give HTML source to browser's parser (builds DOM nodes)\n newSpan.innerHTML=HTMLText;\n newSpan.normalize();\n // walk resulting node tree and call wikify() on each text node\n wikifyTextNodes(newSpan,highlightText,highlightCaseSensitive);\n }\n if (endHTML!=-1) // wikify everything after HTML tag\n coreWikify(tiddlerText.substr(endHTML+8),theViewer,highlightText,highlightCaseSensitive);\n // DEBUG showNodeTree(theViewer.parentNode,theViewer);\n\n}\n\nfunction wikifyTextNodes(theNode,highlightText,highlightCaseSensitive)\n{\n // pre-order traversal\n for (var i=0;i<theNode.childNodes.length;i++)\n {\n var theChild=theNode.childNodes.item(i);\n wikifyTextNodes(theChild,highlightText,highlightCaseSensitive);\n if (theChild.nodeName=='#text')\n {\n // don't bother to wikify pure whitespace nodes (if any)\n if (theChild.nodeValue.replace(/\ss+/,"").replace(/\st+/,"").length!=0)\n {\n // DEBUG alert('wikify text: "'+theChild.nodeValue.replace(regexpBackSlashEn,'\sn')+'"');\n var theClass =,6)=="viewer"?"viewer";\n var newNode = createTiddlyElement(null,"span",null,theClass,null);\n // decode newlines and macro brackets for wikification\n var theText = theChild.nodeValue.replace(regexpBackSlashEn,'\sn').replace(/\s%macro\s(/g,'<<').replace(/\s)\s%/g,'>>');\n coreWikify(theText,newNode,highlightText,highlightCaseSensitive);\n theNode.replaceChild(newNode,theChild);\n }\n }\n }\n}\n\n// Use this function to generate a report of the DOM tree objects starting from a given node.\n// place = where to display DOM object report, theNode = root of DOM object tree to be reported\nfunction showNodeTree(place,theNode)\n{\n createTiddlyElement(place,"HR",null,null,null);\n var theReport = createTiddlyElement(place,"div",null,null,null);\n walkNodeTree(theReport,theNode,'');\n}\nfunction walkNodeTree(theOutput,theNode,thePrefix)\n{\n var msg=thePrefix+':'+((theNode.nodeName=='#text')?' ':theNode.nodeName);\n var href = (theNode.href)?' href='+theNode.href:'';\n var id = (' id=''';\n var val = (' ''='+theNode.value:''):'';\n var text = (theNode.nodeName=='#text')?'"'+theNode.nodeValue.replace(regexpBackSlashEn,'\sn')+'"':'';\n if ( (theNode.nodeName!='B')\n &&(theNode.nodeName!='I')\n &&(theNode.nodeName!='TBODY')\n &&(theNode.nodeName!='SPAN'))\n createTiddlyElement(theOutput,"div",null,null,msg+val+id+href+text);\n for (var i=0;i<theNode.childNodes.length;i++)\n {\n var theChild=theNode.childNodes.item(i);\n var childmsg=msg;\n if (theNode.childNodes.length>1) childmsg+='['+(i+1)+']';\n walkNodeTree(theOutput,theChild,childmsg);\n }\n}\n
*[[American Cancer Society]]\n*[[Dee's Nuts Hardware Store]]\n*[[Moxie Cola]]\n*[[Miami Beach Festival of the Arts]]
<html><a href="samples/print/deesnuts.jpg"target="_blank"><img src="samples/print/images/deesnuts.jpg" border="0" ></html>\n\n\n//(student work)//\n\nThis ad was a group effort, part of an IMC campaign for a fictitious client of our choosing. \n\nWe were almost certain that our professor was going to hate it, being the particular one that she was. And the three of us were quite dangerously married to this idea. Our first idea.\n\nOur professor loved it, enough to give us the only A in the class and spent five or ten minutes singing its praises in front of the class. \n\nWe were floored. We were thrilled. We didn't complain.
*[[Yahoo!]]\n*[[Beber Silverstein Group]]
!Real Work\n*[[American Cancer Society]]\n*[[North Beach (Miami) Development Council]]\n*[[Premier Aircraft Sales]]\n*[[Miami Beach Festival of the Arts]]\n\n!Spec/Student Work\n*[[Moxie Cola]]\n*[[Dee's Nuts Hardware Store]]\n*[[Rocket Fuel Malt Liquor]]\n*[[Budweiser B-to-the-e]]\n*[[Yahoo!]]\n\n!Somewhere in between\n*[[Beber Silverstein Group]]
I sometimes get the feeling that many of my interests -- my buzzwords -- are a little out of place in the ad industry. Blogging... wikis... open-source... Linux.
Lately, I've been talking to a few people I know in the biz. While the advice they give seems to be sound, there's one thing that invariably comes up. \n\n>"Try to work at [current hot Miami shop]."\n\n(You know the one.)\n\nIt doesn't sound like bad advice to me. If I manage to weasel my way through the masses and get employed at [current hot Miami shop], I'll likely be able to walk away in a few years with enough killer work in my book to be able to work anywhere else. Or so I've been told.\n\nBut that sounds a bit trite. \n\nI'd much rather work at //the next// hot shop. One that's on its way up. One where I can later take a step back and say "''wow, I was a part of something special while it was becoming something special''."\n\nOr for that matter, one that's been special and under the radar for years.\n\nIs your shop (becoming) something special? \n[[Let me know.|contact]] I'm interested.
(a copywriter)
I'm a writer.\n\nNow, wait -- before you roll your eyes -- please let me clarify.\n\n...\n\nNope, still just a writer. But one with an interest in, a flair for (and might I add, a college degree in) advertising.\n\nMake that //copy//writer, then. One that's a tad [[discontent]] with the state of the industry. But more importantly, one that's [[unemployed|resume]].
See also: [[full resume|resume]].\n\n''Multiply, Inc.'', Boca Raton, Fl [December 2005 – October 2009] \n//Copywriter, Customer Communications Specialist, Interim Creative Director//\n* Filled a variety of roles in a startup environment at social networking service\n*Maintained and wrote corporate blog highlighting new products, features and regular company announcements (\n*Composed monthly company newsletter sent to registered members (a group that grew from 2 to ultimately 14 million individuals)\nHelped maintain company presence on Twitter and Facebook through regular updates, including original and syndicated content\n*Concepted and wrote copy for both banner ads and splash pages; worked subsequently with graphic designers to ensure exacting execution\n*Interacted with members in a variety of settings including company blog, Multiply-focused discussion groups, support forums and customer service\n*Designed, implemented and analyzed online polls to quantitatively gauge member feedback on a variety of topics\n*Handled project management and logistics for “shop” section redesign and member contests, including announcements and official rules\n*Represented the company at in-person events, including 2006 NYC & Boston Avon Walk for Breast Cancer and 2008 NYC DigitalLife Summer Press Preview\n*Wrote retail splash copy for approximately three dozen individual SKUs\n*Assisted with PR efforts, ranging from strategic planning to proofreading and implementation of press releases and feature pitch outreach, securing speaking opportunities and analyst briefings\n*Occasionally wrote HTML code to support copy, and tweaked existing CSS code as necessary \n*Batted over .300 and was actually-not-bad in right-center field on company slow-pitch softball team
[[StyleSheet]]\n[[MainMenu]]\n[[SiteTitle]]\n[[SiteSubtitle]]\n[[Beber Silverstein Group|Beber Silverstein Group]]\n[[Leftfield Advertising|Leftfield]]
The second half of my second internship involved the interns being split up into two teams. The assignment was rather vague: promote the agency. Get the name out there. Make sure the old woman working at the bakery across the street knows who we are and what we do.\n\nThough the interns weren't responsible for executing the plan, we presented the agency with a few ideas ready for production and execution. These ideas included\n\n!Logo rebranding/new domain name\nBSG has been using "thought bubbles" in their marketing for years. In fact, two large bubbles are featured prominently on the side of their building. We suggested that they adopt these bubbles as their official logo, along with the tagline "Think BSG."\n\n[img[|samples/guerilla/beber/thinkbsg.jpg]]\n\nTo go along with the new logos and tagline, we recommended that they register the domain name [[|]]. They did so, though they have yet to point it to their current website.\n\n!Transit shelter ads\nTo gain the attention of the 'man on the street,' get the new logo recognized and thus begin to create buzz, we conceived of a series of phony transit shelter ads that would be 'hijacked' by thought bubbles with witty remarks scrawled within.\n\n\n<html><a href="samples/guerilla/beber/transit/mm.jpg"target="_blank"><img src="samples/guerilla/beber/transit/mm_thumb.jpg" border="0" > <a href="samples/guerilla/beber/transit/arrow.jpg"target="_blank"><img src="samples/guerilla/beber/transit/arrow_thumb.jpg" border="0" ></a> </html>\n\n!Mannequins\nTo facilitate even more more targeted buzz, mannequins would be placed in specific locations around South Florida, complete with thought bubbles filled with relevent "mannequin humor" related to BSG.\n\n\n<html><a href="samples/guerilla/beber/mann/mann1.jpg"target="_blank"><img src="samples/guerilla/beber/mann/mann1_thumb.jpg" border="0" > <a href="samples/guerilla/beber/mann/mann2.jpg"target="_blank"><img src="samples/guerilla/beber/mann/mann2_thumb.jpg" border="0" > <a href="samples/guerilla/beber/mann/mann3.jpg"target="_blank"><img src="samples/guerilla/beber/mann/mann3_thumb.jpg" border="0" ></a></html>\n\n!Protest\nOur "big" idea involved staging a silent protest... against bad advertising. This would be held in an area visible enough to attract media attention. Protesters would carry thought bubbles on sticks in place of protest signs, expressing their feelings on the subject.\n\n<html><a href="samples/guerilla/beber/protest/protest1.jpg"target="_blank"><img src="samples/guerilla/beber/protest/protest1_thumb.jpg" border="0" > <a href="samples/guerilla/beber/protest/protest2.jpg"target="_blank"><img src="samples/guerilla/beber/protest/protest2_thumb.jpg" border="0" > <a href="samples/guerilla/beber/protest/protest3.jpg"target="_blank"><img src="samples/guerilla/beber/protest/protest3_thumb.jpg" border="0" > <a href="samples/guerilla/beber/protest/protest4.jpg"target="_blank"><img src="samples/guerilla/beber/protest/protest4_thumb.jpg" border="0" ></a> </html>
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<html><a href="samples/direct/mooney.jpg"target="_blank"><img src="samples/direct/images/mooney.jpg" border="0" ></html>\n\n\n//(intern work)//\n\nI was responsible for developing the copy for this postcard, front and back. This piece was then adapted to promote later dates on Mooney's Freedom Tour.
<html><a href="samples/print/artsfestival.jpg"target="_blank"><img src="samples/print/images/artsfest.jpg" border="0" ></html>\n\n\n//(intern work)//\n\nThis was the first ad I ever worked on for a real client. I wrote three drafts of the copy, pieces of which were assembled to create the finished product... which ran without edits from the client!\n\nI learned later that things rarely work this smoothly.
<html><a href="samples/print/moxie.jpg"target="_blank"><img src="samples/print/images/moxie.jpg" border="0" ></html>\n\n\n//(student work)//\n\nIf my memory serves me correctly, this was the first ad I ever created in the first advertising class I took that involved producing ads. Creative Concepts, Fall 2003.\n\nIt was a group effort, though I created all visual elements you see here (aside from, of course, the Moxie logo). All that's missing is the original headline, which someone else wrote and wasn't very good.
This group project was entered into the IAA's [[InterAd IX|]] competition, where it [[placed first in the US and Canada|]], and second overall. \n\nWhile elaborating on the campaign may be a little difficult to do here, I don't mind talking about it. Please [[talk to me|contact]] me if you'd like details.
(''Free!'' Take one for the road in [[PDF|aboutme/everett.guerny.resume.pdf]], [[Word|aboutme/everett.guerny.resume.doc]] or [[plain text|aboutme/everett.guerny.resume.txt]] formats.)\n\n!Experience\n''Multiply, Inc.'', Boca Raton, Fl [December 2005 – October 2009] \n//Copywriter, Customer Communications Specialist, Interim Creative Director//\n* Filled a variety of roles in a startup environment at social networking service\n*Maintained and wrote corporate blog highlighting new products, features and regular company announcements (\n*Composed monthly company newsletter sent to registered members (a group that grew from 2 to ultimately 14 million individuals)\nHelped maintain company presence on Twitter and Facebook through regular updates, including original and syndicated content\n*Concepted and wrote copy for both banner ads and splash pages; worked subsequently with graphic designers to ensure exacting execution\n*Interacted with members in a variety of settings including company blog, Multiply-focused discussion groups, support forums and customer service\n*Designed, implemented and analyzed online polls to quantitatively gauge member feedback on a variety of topics\n*Handled project management and logistics for “shop” section redesign and member contests, including announcements and official rules\n*Represented the company at in-person events, including 2006 NYC & Boston Avon Walk for Breast Cancer and 2008 NYC DigitalLife Summer Press Preview\n*Wrote retail splash copy for approximately three dozen individual SKUs\n*Assisted with PR efforts, ranging from strategic planning to proofreading and implementation of press releases and feature pitch outreach, securing speaking opportunities and analyst briefings\n*Occasionally wrote HTML code to support copy, and tweaked existing CSS code as necessary \n*Batted over .300 and was actually-not-bad in right-center field on company slow-pitch softball team\n\n''Beber Silverstein Group'', Miami, Fl [June - August 2005]\n//Intern//\n*Assisted with small projects in all departments at mid-size ad agency\n*As member of a team, helped create integrated marketing campaign designed to attract attention and promote new business for the agency\n*As part of this project, personally conceived of what became agency’s new tagline (“thinkbsg”) and website URL ([[|]])\n\n''Leftfield Advertising'', Ft. Lauderdale, Fl [January - April 2005]\n//Intern//\n*Creative department intern at small ad agency\n*Duties included copywriting, creative concepting and print ad layout\n*Was responsible for art direction on an ad that was to be entered into the following year’s local ADDY awards (unfortunately, though, the agency folded)\n\n''British American Students Association'', FIU [October 2003 - October 2006] \n//Webmaster, blogger//\n*Built student organization website from ground up, including splash page, blog, “About” officer pages and photo albums (see [[|]])\n*Graphical branding duties included logo and t-shirt design\n*Frequently updated organization blog with information regarding upcoming events and photos/recaps of past events\n\n''Student Life Building'', FSU [September 2002 - April 2003] \n//Public Relations Committee Intern//\n*Distributed information promoting building events via on-campus flyer posting\n*Manned information table at weekly on-campus event; distributed promotional material and answered questions regarding upcoming building events\n\n\n!Education\n''Florida International University'', Miami, Fl [August 2003 - May 2005] \n//Bachelor of Science//\n*BS in Mass Communication with an emphasis in Advertising (Creative Track), plus an English minor\n*Took classes in Radio & TV, PR, Hispanic Marketing and Integrated Campaigns\n*Placed first in the US and Canada (and second globally) in student competition //IAA InterAd IX// as Copy/PR Director for //Sneakers and Suits Communications//\n\n''Florida State University'', Tallahassee, Fl [August 2001 - May 2003] \n//Associate of Arts//\n*Fulfilled general education requirements\n*Completed additional introduction-level classes in Advertising, Mass Media, Public Speaking and Media Law\n\n\n!Extras\n*Basic HTML knowledge; ability to tweak existing CSS as necessary to support copy\n*Social Media awareness: have been blogging before it was cool (ca. 2001); early adopter on many social networking services; member, Social Media Club\n*At home writing in a tech environment: have written copy alongside code in Perl; possess an understanding of version-control systems (CVS, SVN, etc.)\n*Image editing skills using Adobe Photoshop, The Gimp, and similar software\n*Proficiency with office suites including Microsoft Office and OpenOffice\nComfortable with Windows and Mac (but madly in love with Linux)
!e-mail\n[[|]]\n\n!twitter\n[[@everett|]]\n\n!linkedin\n[[everettguerny|]]\n\n!keep an eye open\n[img[The man himself|]]\n\n!take a picture\n[img[]]
[[breaking news]]\n[[welcome]]
!Personal\nI've taken up the, um, keyboard once again, and am now regularly musing about a variety of things at [[|]].\n\n\n!Multiply\nAs I've been blogging since before it was cool, I fell pretty naturally into the world of professional blogging, maintaining the [[company blog|]], among other things, for the complete term of my stay at [[Multiply]]. \n\nGood times. Great posts.\nHere are a few:\n\n*[[Kind words from the 'Mom'osphere|]] September 23, 2009\n\n* [[Communicate quicker with Multiply IM|]] September 2, 2009\n\n* [[Coming Soon/Now: Multiply 4.0 Beta|]] May 27, 2009\n\n* [[Happy Easter from Multiply|]] April 12, 2009\n\n* [[Have a spooky Halloween|]] October 31, 2008\n\n* [[What keeps Multiply running? (Here's a hint.)|]] May 13, 2008\n\n* [[Your viewing history just got Livelier|]] December 6, 2006\n\n\n!British-American Students Association\nI created (and frequently wrote for) the official British-American Students Association (BASA) [[blog|]].\n\nI wrote, among others, these:\n\n* [[Pub Night Photos|]] March 2, 2006\n\n* [[Membership Guidelines|]] August 31, 2005\n\n* [[Bangers and butty and afters - positively brill!|]] May 10, 2005
[[welcome]]\n\nwork\n[[blogging]]\n[[ghostwriting]]\n[[viral]]\n[[miscellaneous]]\n\nads\n[[web|web ads]]\n[[print]]\n[[radio]]\n[[direct mail]]\n\n[[all clients]]\n\netc.\n[[résumé]]\n[[contact]]
Oh, hello. I didn't see you come in. Welcome!\n\nSo, maybe you're here because you're interested in my work. Maybe you've heard things about me. Perhaps you want to see what I can really do. Or... perhaps not. \n\n(This is the Internet, after all.)\n\nWhatever the reason, even if it's a mistake, I'm glad you're here. It's nice to see you. You're looking good.\n\nSit a spell. Have a look around. Smoke 'em if you got 'em. And be sure to check out those links off to the left.
Random creative output\n\n!Artsy Stuff\n*[[Haiku|haiku]]!\n*More haiku! (I won a t-shirt for [[this one|]]!)\n*I'm a not-so-accomplished [[singer/songwriter|]].\n\n\n!Published Photography\n*[[ New In Travel Forums|]]\n*[[MSN Money: Why McDonald's is beating Burger King|]]\n*[[FWP: Is Writing Magnetic Headlines Art Or Science?|]]\n*[[Popular Mechanics/MythBusters: 7 Tech Headaches—and How to Fix Them|]]\n*[[NowPublic: Some Americans cut Credit Card use|]]\n\n\n!Book Reviews\n*I've had a few short book reviews published in the Business section of the Miami Herald.\n**"Mavericks at Work" by William Taylor\n***Published on October 23, 2006 and [[available online|]]\n**"Waiting for Your Cat to Bark?: Persuading Customers When They Ignore Marketing" by Brian and Jeffrey Eisenberg\n***Published on September 19, 2006 and [[available online|]]\n**"The Big Moo" by Seth Godin \n***Published on November 21, 2005 and [[available online|]]\n**"All Marketers are Liars" by Seth Godin\n***Published on June 20, 2005, Page 14G and [[available online|]]\n**"A Whole New Mind" by Daniel Pink\n***Published on May 9, 2005, Page 23G\n**"Brand Hijack" by Alex Wipperfürth \n***Published on March 28, 2005, Page 15G\n\n\n!Videogame Design\n* As a product of adolescent boredom and curiosity, I designed, programmed and wrote a text adventure ("of epic proportions," as the title screen promises) for my TI-83 graphing calculator. If you have the hardware to run it, get it [[here|]].\n\n\n!Miscellaneous Geekiness\n* The oft-discussed '[[year of Linux on the desktop|]]' for me was 2005. I've been using Ubuntu on my laptops ever since.\n* I run a small server (Linux, Apache, MySQL, etc.) to store and spray media all over the house. In its initial incarnation, I built it from parts and ran Debian Testing. 'Twas nothing but good times for a year and a half, until it straight-up died. I never got around to figuring out why it wouldn't boot, but I recently replaced it with a cheap netbook and threw Ubuntu Server on there. Viva [[good-enough technology|]].
Let me start off by saying that I loved CTW's [[Ghostwriter|]] as a kid.\n\nWith that out of the way, I've been doing a bit of //real// ghostwriting, myself, as of late. While I'd love to show it off, I don't ghostwrite-and-tell.\n\nI'm discreet. If that sort of thing interests you, [[contact me|contact]].
This campaign ran concurrently with the launch of Multiply Premium and introduced Multiply members to the AutoUploader desktop application. These ads were displayed on the page that users would be shown as they waited for their videos to upload (a task that would often take minutes to complete). \n\nThis 'captive audience' would be reminded that by using the Multiply AutoUploader, they could avoid the tedium of waiting for their photos and videos to upload.\n\n\n<html><a target="_blank" href="samples/web/multiply/au/auto_photos_1.jpg"><img src="samples/web/multiply/au/auto_photos_1_thumb.jpg" border="0"></a>&nbsp;&nbsp;<a target="_blank" href="samples/web/multiply/au/auto_photos_2.jpg"><img src="samples/web/multiply/au/auto_photos_2_thumb.jpg" border="0"></a><br><br><a target="_blank" href="samples/web/multiply/au/auto_video_1.jpg"><img src="samples/web/multiply/au/auto_video_1_thumb.jpg" border="0"></a>&nbsp;&nbsp;<a target="_blank" href="samples/web/multiply/au/auto_video_2.jpg"><img src="samples/web/multiply/au/auto_video_2_thumb.jpg" border="0"></a></html>
*[[Multiply Auto-Uploader Campaign 1]]\n*[[Multiply Auto-Uploader Campaign 2]]\n*[[Multiply Premium]]
When the powers that be desired a second AutoUploader campaign, I conceived of the theme of other things that the Multiply user could be doing //while// their photos and videos uploaded. This ranged from the desirable (working out) to the necessary (sleeping) to the unavoidable (traffic).\n\nThese banners ran in a number of sizes, all across the service as well as in HTML e-mails sent to Multiply members.\n\n\n<html><a target="_blank" href="samples/web/multiply/au_new/AU_Banners_Traffic_728X90.png"><img src="samples/web/multiply/au_new/AU_Banners_Traffic_728X90_thumb.jpg" border="0"></a><br><br><a target="_blank" href="samples/web/multiply/au_new/AU_Banners_Sleep_728X90.png"><img src="samples/web/multiply/au_new/AU_Banners_Sleep_728X90_thumb.jpg" border="0"></a><br><br><a target="_blank" href="samples/web/multiply/au_new/AU_Banners_Excersice-2_728X90.png"><img src="samples/web/multiply/au_new/AU_Banners_Excersice-2_728X90_thumb.jpg" border="0"></a><br><br></html>\n\n\nIf you promise not to show this to anyone, I'd be glad to share with you my attempt at banner design. [[Here it is.|samples/web/multiply/au_new/au_ad-1.png]] (I created this to get the idea across to the graphic designer with whom I worked on this project.)
The powers that be decided that our new Multiply Premium service should be promoted with banner ads (something novel at the time, as we had never before run in-house ads). They wanted various executions, and various executions they received.\n\nThere was no particular big idea here; no cohesive, high-concept campaign. The ads just needed to be eye-catching. \n\nOne facet of the new Premium service was that those who upgraded would no longer see banner ads across the site. Advertising this benefit through banner ads: ironic... or sublime?\n\n<html><a target="_blank" href="samples/web/multiply/prem/noads_160x600_01.jpg"><img border="0" src="samples/web/multiply/prem/noads_160x600_01-thumb.jpg"></a>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<a target="_blank" href="samples/web/multiply/prem/noads_160x600_02.jpg"><img border="0" src="samples/web/multiply/prem/noads_160x600_02-thumb.jpg"></a>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<a target="_blank" href="samples/web/multiply/prem/noads_160x600_03.jpg"><img border="0" src="samples/web/multiply/prem/noads_160x600_03-thumb.jpg"></a></html>\n\n\nThe other major benefit of Multiply Premium was the ability to share 20-minute videos (free users were limited to 10 minutes). \n\nAgain, I delivered a couple of executions:\n\n<html><a href="samples/web/multiply/prem/vid_160x600_1.jpg" target="_blank"><img border="0" src="samples/web/multiply/prem/vid_160x600_1-thumb.jpg"></a>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<a href="samples/web/multiply/prem/vid_160x600_2.jpg" target="_blank"><img border="0" src="samples/web/multiply/prem/vid_160x600_2-thumb.jpg"></a></html>
//December 2010//\n\nI don't much recommend looking through this site. I'm proud of the work shown herein, but my career, for the last five years or so, has been taking me down different paths, creating the sort of work that doesn't as naturally fit into a portfolio as my earlier stuff. \n\nTake this as a time capsule of sorts, and if you're looking for something from me that's more up-to-date, visit [[|]] today.